Seminar / Workshop On The Goods & Services Tax (GST)

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, in his 2014 Budget announced that the Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be implemented with effect from 1st April 2015. Malaysian businesses believed that the GST would only affect the tax department and the providers of the software. This is of course the wrong perception and could lead to costly mistakes. We have seen, time and again that almost the majority of all errors, mistakes and misunderstandings about the GST are mainly due to the lack of knowledge, understanding and exposure to GST rules, regulations and implementation by both operators as well as management.

It is not only essential and imperative that all departments in every organisation are aware about this system of tax but also to grasp and understand its implications and how it affects your functions. In our workshop we adopt a unique multi-discipline approach to the implementation of GST. The principal and core objective of this workshop is to show businesses how the use of GST allows reducing cost and maximising profit without the customer being exploited or taken advantage of.

In this workshop, practical issues arising from the implementation of GST and the current and real problems faced by businesses and how to manage these issues will be addressed and explained. With the right knowledge, understanding and guidance you will absorb in this workshop, you and your organisation will be able to apply the 24 GST Tax Codes and file the GST-03 Tax Submission forms easily and effortlessly.

Real life case studies and real world issues relating to and applying accounting treatments to your GST transaction are shown and supported in this workshop together with a comprehensive understanding of GST rules and fundamentals, GST concept, the scope of GST, tax accounting, transitional rules, GST implementation for SME’s and recent changes and updates. The workshop will also address valuable insights, major risks and common errors made by businesses. Participants will undergo a hands-on experience by completing a GST return with transactions simulated from a complex scenario faced by different businesses.